Infinite 001

22”   22” Oil Paint on Wood


While I was painting Infinite 001, I imagined myself flying through an infinite tunnel of giant spiraling ice crystals. Among the ice crystals are several that are glowing and pulsing with pure white light. This piece is 22″ square, but when I sit and look at it, I fall into a meditation that  brings me right back into that ice cavern. After painting for weeks imagining that place, discovering every tiny spot within the painting as I went, this piece is like a magic portal that triggers my mind’s eye.


Presence - A signpost directing attention back to the wonderful. The painting series explores the importance of beauty. Its inspirational value, its meaning in and for the world. Beauty is important. Not beauty in the sense of an attractive person, beauty in the sense of a powerful waterfall exploding over a forrest covered cliff. It can flow over you like a wave of delight when you see it, and flood you with joy. Beauty is just as powerful as drama, fear, pain, and loss. It is powerful enough to bring peace. The "Presence" of each piece is it's ability to capture that moment, and transmit that flood of beauty.


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Detail of edge of artwork
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Artwork in scale

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