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Coffee for Climate is a group benefiting local Climate Change Activism, bringing the community of coffee industry professionals together with Climate Change Activists, working to educate our communities and help save our environment. Upon learning about the impact Climate Change has already had and is expected to have on coffee growers and their local economies all over the world, Coffee Artist Mike Lanni partnered with So Cal Climate Action Coalition 350 to raise funds and awareness for the issue.

Our team then partnered with SOLID Coffee Roasters (see link below), a member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) to create “Coffee for Climate” branded coffee – top shelf beans from all over the world roasted to perfection. SOLID partners with nonprofits making it possible for us to donate over 70% of the profit on coffee sold to the cause.  Buying Coffee for Climate directly supports local Climate Change initiatives and activism. If you buy coffee anyway; please join us to make a difference, every day, one cup at a time.

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The next show will be at the NELA Artwalk!

When: Saturday June 13th @ 7pm – 9pm

Where: The Highland Cafe  5010 York Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90042


Coming soon – We are currently booking More spaces for a Coffee for Climate Art and Speaking Series – raising awareness and Funds for So Cal Climate Action Coalition 350!

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The art tour is a monthly fundraising art and educational tour that takes place in coffee shops, roasteries, art galleries, museums and schools. A percentage of products sold (coffee and art) goes to local Climate Change Activism. The art show will attract locals in the area to visit the location, see the Coffee Art, taste the Coffee and other items offered, and learn about the local Climate Action projects to which they can contribute. There will be Climate Change speakers presenting and the opportunity to meet with the artist.


Climate Change is already affecting the world. One of the first major publicly recognized industries to be impacted is the Coffee Industry, from growers all the way up the chain to consumers. Coffee production is down 40% this year in some regions, with a huge impact on the lives of growers in many countries. Learn more in the Coffee as Casualty post here.

Without action, this problem will continue to grow beyond the Coffee Industry, and everyone in the world may be negatively affected. The ultimate impact is unknown and possibly dangerous to our health, the survival of our children, and their children.

We can create Action in Art! We have always believed that as artists we are responsible for communicating truth to the people of the world – that is our ultimate role. Leading in action to make a difference in Climate Change may be the most important communication we can make.

This action can start on the local level, by leveraging Coffee Culture to spread awareness and raise funds.


So Cal CLimate Action Coalition 350 (light logo)

So Cal Climate Action Coalition 350 is a coalition of individuals and groups from the Southern California area that are working together to fight climate change.

Through collaboration, the SoCal Climate Action Coalition – 350 aims to mobilize, support, and strengthen the efforts of different organizations and community members who are working toward solutions to dirty fuel dependence and who are battling the effects of global-warming-caused climate disruption.

  • The International Coffee Economy and Climate Change
  • Banning Fracking
  • Stopping Tar Sands Oil
  • Offshore Drilling
  • LA Urban Sustainability
  • Pipelines and Extreme Drilling
  • Crude By Rail
  • Climate Change and Climate Denial
  • Carbon Tax
  • Clean Energy and Renewables for a Better Future

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There’s nothing quite like a solid cup of coffee to help inspire, move, and fuel your day. Whether you’re a casual connoisseur or a professional roaster, coffee has a unique way of making our lives a little bit more enjoyable. Coffee is truly good for the soul.

SOLID Coffee Roasters was founded to provide a new pathway of enjoyment for coffee lovers all over the world. Uniquely designed as a made-to-order coffee roasting company, SOLID is committed to making sure that people experience the ecstasy of drinking good coffee that hasn’t been sitting for weeks on store shelves.

Our direct trade with farmers from around the world allows us to roast some of the best specialty coffee you’ll ever taste. Their direct friendship with these amazing coffee farmers allow them to pay more and increase the standard of living in their respective communities. SOLID Coffee Roasters think good business must be mindful of properly honoring those involved.

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