Painting made with Coffee


The Coffee Art Series is pure brewed coffee spills on Formica panels, applied with traditional mugs and spoons, and captured under Resin.

Nothing is added.

Coffee Art is an exploration of the richness of world Coffee Culture, inspired by long traditional history and modern Coffee Artisans across the globe. The rich colors come from different brews of light and dark roasts, variety of bean, and concentrations with water. Each piece is sharply edged in white, and floats on its backing bars 1.5″ off the wall.

Mike Lanni is a gifted artist and a very warm, open, thoughtful, and inspiring person. You can see all of these traits in his art, which is abstract but evokes something from every person who sees it. I was drawn to the texture and flow of his work, particularly the painting that I bought – a stunning 36″ x 80″ oil and wood relief  called “Where Infinite Meets Finite.” Everyone who sees it is taken with it and sees something different from everyone else, which I greatly enjoy.

Kristina A.

San Francisco, CA